Content Writing Training in Kochi

Taking up the Kins Content writing training in Kochi is one of the easiest and cost-effective means of learning the concepts of content writing.

The pandemic worked in favor!

Young professionals, graduates and retired folks realize the power of online writing.

During the pandemic, people experienced job loss and unemployment throughout India due to shutdown and Covid restrictions. As a result, many people pursued work from home jobs. And it was during this time young professionals and freshers realized the real potential of content writing.

Content writing jobs helped them work in the comfort of their homes with a laptop and broadband internet.

Online writing offers multiple opportunities for individuals to acquire an additional or part-time income. For example – writing for blogs, writing for websites, YouTube channels, Affiliate marketing – the scope is huge!

Produce engaging contents and be your own boss!

I have been in the writing domain for a decade. I am certain that content writing career can transform your life. If you are passionate about writing, you can become your own boss!

You can be a writer too! The prerequisites are understanding of English, and basic internet skills. My content writing course is aimed at educating the common folks about the real potential of content writing. I’ve shared the course details and syllabus below. Kindly go through.

content writing training session

Kins Content writing training in Kochi

It is a highly beneficial content writing course designed for all aspiring content writers. The course focuses on the key aspects of content writing which helps as a major starting point for content writing learners and students.

Both content writing job seekers and English learners may take up this course.  The Kins Content writing training program is meant for the serious learners who would like to learn the concepts of content writing. The course covers topics like types of writing, writing to the audience, SEO, grammar and punctuation, blogging, writing tools and many others.

Kins content writing training in Kochi syllabus

Here is the course syllabus.

  • Types of Writing
  • Writing tasks in demand
  • English grammar
  • The content structure
  • Website writing
  • Blog writing and Email writing
  • SEO
  • Difference between US and UK English
  • Writing tools
  • Content writing job sectors

Kins content writing training (basics)

You may opt for a basic course in Content writing named Kins Content writing training (basics). The course is a “Lite” version of the full-length course and is designed for beginners. If you would like to write for your YouTube channel, manage your social media page and understand the importance of writing to the audience without delving into the intricacies – this is the course for you.

Kins content writing training (students)

This course benefits students and school-goers. School-going children, these days, run YouTube channels and have their presence known in Facebook and Instagram. This course helps students learn the basic concepts of online writing and SEO. Moreover, the course is highly useful for YouTubers and vloggers. Please visit my YouTube channel for more.

To sum up – acquire the skill of writing and shape your career. Join my course immediately and get acquainted with selling your stuff on the internet. Please visit my training website regarding the course fee.  

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